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Welcome to the world that is Tintern Grammar.

Tinternwood Farm

One of Tintern Grammar’s unique assets is ‘Tinternwood’, a working farm, set on 20 acres at the Ringwood East campus.

Overseen by a qualified Farm Manager, Tinternwood houses chickens, geese, sheep and well-trained, friendly farm dogs.

Study at the farm is an integral part of academic life for all Tintern Grammar students, from our Early Learning Centre to Senior College.

For older students, studies incorporate subjects such as Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Science and Geography.

Incorporated within the Farm’s grounds is an Outdoor Education Centre. When not learning in the “outside classroom” that is the farm our students study science, agriculture and prepare learning for camps within this facility.

Year 7 comprises a semester of Agriculture, and Year 10 students are offered Agriculture as an Elective.

All Year 7 to 12 students are invited to participate in the Young Farmers’ Program.
And for some students, their involvement with Tinternwood can lead to further studies and career opportunities.

A popular feature of Tinternwood is its prize-winning breeding program for Romney sheep.

Animals from Tinternwood have won numerous awards including ‘Best Romney Ram’ and ‘Supreme Champion’ at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show, held annually in Bendigo.

Tintern Grammar students take part in these competitions, helping prepare the animals and sharing the excitement of participation in these shows.

Many students, current and past, as well as their parents form a bond with Tinternwood, and maintain an ongoing connection with the farm.